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Beatriz Centeno

Conservator of Art on Paper

Consultation, Examination, Documentation, Treatment, and Preventative Care of Historic and Artistic Works on Paper

Washington, D.C. | San Juan, Puerto Rico



Beatriz Centeno currently works as Paper Conservator at the US National Archives. She has also held positions in paper conservation labs at the Brooklyn Museum, Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art, American Antiquarian Society, and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Beatriz is a graduate of the Art Conservation program from Buffalo State College in NY. She is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).


Consultation and Examination

Each object must be visually examined to determine its condition and the goals of the project. Once the examination is complete, a proposal will be made and presented. Prior to any treatment, a more thorough examination of the object will be carried out. If the art object will not be treated for any reason, several alternatives like housing options may be offered.


The condition of the object will be documented throughout the entire process of treatment. The documentation includes written and photographic reports prior to treatment, during treatment, and after treatment.


Conservation treatments will involve the stabilization of the object to prevent further deterioration. Certain techniques, like cleaning, washing, tear repair, media consolidation, or flattening, could ensure the stability of the object. Restoration treatments include aesthetic compensation procedures, like fills and inpainting, to regain the object’s readability.

Preventative Care

The preservation of an object can be achieved with environmental monitoring, proper housing, and emergency preparedness. Several options are available, depending on the condition of the object.